How to run a Dtrace

What is Dtrace?
  • •Symantec’s internal debugging tool that provides in-depth information for troubleshooting specific issues
  • •It can log for all the EV EXE’s – Ie. ArchiveTask
  • •The content in the logging is based on the EV code. Most of it is cryptic such that it cannot be used without access to the code or and experienced technician.
  • •Dtrace can be run from the Admin console via wizard that uses pre-defined templates based on the issue OR can be run manually via command prompt
  • •In the event a support case is opened with Symantec, have these logs ready for them to speed up the process. 
How to run a Dtrace:
If you are tracing for an issue not mentioned in the Event logs, and you’re unsure which processes to trace, use the wizard in the Admin Console.  To make this available, turn on ‘Advanced Features’ from the Tools menu and it will show up under the EV server name as Traces. Otherwise follow the steps below.

Preferred method is to manually run Dtrace.exe from Start > All Programs> Enterprise Vault > Dtrace

This will open the cmd window with a DT> prompt

  1. Type the letter V, {enter}
  2. This is where you’ll reference the Event ID category name to know which process in the list to choose. Scroll thru the list, and take note of the number next to the process(es) to be traced
  3. At the DT> prompt, type:  set 4 v  {enter}    (replace the number with the one you wrote down in step above) Repeat for each number. Note that you can type the name of the process instead of the #.
  4. Type: log c:\evlogs\dtrace.txt {enter}
  5. Repro the issue and stop the trace by typing quit or log at the DT>

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